Homemade fennel cured pork scratching’s 4.4            

Honey Glazed chicken wings, sesame seeds, lime wedge   7.20          

Moroccan flavoured olives 4.4   


BEEF |100% Cornish Beef. Handcrafted gourmet burgers by Warrens butchers in Launceston.

Simply seasoned and cooked on open flame grill.Each Burger is dressed with our B & F dressing.


CHEESEBURGER homemade tomato chutney, salad, cheese 10 

FULL ENGLISH Bacon, black pudding, cheese, fried egg, salad   10.2 

BEETROOT HEAVEN Beetroot relish, Cornish blue cheese, salad   10.2 

SLOPPY MEXICAN cheese, chilli con carne, chive sour cream  10.1 

CHICKEN SANDWICH BBQ chicken, pulled chicken crepe, homemade kimchi  10.2 

Vegetarian & Fish option 

BLACK BEAN BURGER homemade chilli relish, rocket leaves  10.1 (v) 

Add cheese 1.3or Halloumi slice or Crispy Goats Cheese 2.5 

HALLOUMI SALAD beetroot chutney, mixed leaves, pickled beetroot small/large 7/12.2 

FISH & CHIPS  homemade tartare sauce, smashed peas, fries 13 


Potato Fries 3.2 

Posh Fries with truffle oil & parmesan 3.5 

Piggy Fries, pulled pork, parmesan 4.9 

Butterhead  lettuce with herb dressing 2.7 

Homemade Coleslaw 2.8 


Bacon 1.3 

Jalapenos 0.9 

Cheese 1.3 

Fried Egg 1.3 

Halloumi 2.50 

Spicy BBQ sauce 0.9 

BBQ sauce 0.9