Gourmet Burgers at one of the top restaurants in Padstow
Padstow restaurant shellfish
Home-made fish pie at Burgers & Fish restaurant Padstow
Doughnut Balls - home made at this Padstow restaurant
Starters Board at Burgers & Fish restaurant Padstow
Best Gourmet Burgers in Cornwall
Great fish dishes at this Padstow seafood restaurant
Delicious fish pie at one of Padstow's finest restaurants
Puddings to die for in Padstow
Starters Board at Cornwall's Burgers & Fish

One of the Top Padstow Restaurants

Welcome to Burgers & Fish – a trendy, gourmet restaurant in the heart of Padstow. This Padstow restaurant specialises in creating awesome burgers and interesting fish dishes at our popular and perfectly located restaurant on the coast of Cornwall.

Burgers & Fish is a unique Padstow restaurant as all main courses are cooked on a real charcoal grill which produces an amazing flavour. We use only the freshest local ingredients to create memorable reviews which have been getting rave reviews and celebrity praise. We’re often tipped as one of the best gourmet burger restaurants in Cornwall.

Our customers enjoy quality food and a great atmosphere in one of the best loved Padstow Restaurants. Visit us soon!

A Unique Padstow Restaurant

Padstow in Cornwall is famous for its many fine restaurants, thanks largely to its harbour-side location and supply of freshly caught fish and other local ingredients. Burgers & Fish is one of the latest establishments to build on this culinary reputation with its simple yet delicious approach to cooking. This is no ordinary burger joint. Burgers & Fish is famed for its exquisite creations that earn it praise as one of the best gourmet burger restaurants in Cornwall. The tasty fish dishes are equally impressive at this exciting Padstow Restaurant.

Fun Atmosphere at this Gourmet Restaurant in Padstow

Burgers & Fish is open from noon ’til night. There is always a great atmosphere at this restaurant located right in the heart of Padstow. This coastal town is almost always bustling with visitors. This vibrancy is reflected in the style of the restaurant, where the focus is on fun and enjoyment. This trendy restaurant has the quality and energy of a fast-paced restaurant. If you’ve searched for “restaurant Padstow” you’ve come to the right place. Whether for lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, Burgers & Fish is an exciting and vibrant dining experience in this unique part of Cornwall.